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Método de almacenamiento y capacidad de almacenamiento de la mochila militar.
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Método de almacenamiento y capacidad de almacenamiento de la mochila militar.

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If you want a backpack that can withstand the toughest adventures, trips, and conditions, get these rugged backpacks, and don't forget to consider a Military backpack. Tactical backpacks are designed for rugged durability and short trips, providing comfort, storage, and protection for all your valuables. Next time you're shopping for a backpack, buy a Military backpack.

Here is the content list:

  • Tactical backpack stuff

  • Storage method of military backpack

  • How much can a Military backpack hold?

Tactical backpack stuff

Weapons and Communications

In a Tactical backpack, a soldier can carry a mine, as well as magazines, each with bullets. They can also carry survival knives, tactical radios, GPS units, satellite phones, and other consumer electronics, allowing soldiers to communicate with each other easily.

Personal items

In addition to standard equipment, soldiers can simply stuff their items into the various pockets of their Tactical backpacks. Personal items such as MP3 players, photos, and books as well as pens and notepads can be stored in the Tactical backpack.

Storage method of military backpack

Military backpack Top

Keep rain capes, self-defense items, and navigation gear on the top layer of your pack for easy access while on a mission. Keep snacks, water purification tablets, and other small items in the same area.

middle of backpack

Put your half shelter, poncho liner, or whatever you use to pitch your tent overnight in the middle of your pack. This makes it easier to access when you stop over for the night.

Pack Tactical backpack

When packing a tactical backpack, place heavier, less frequently used items on the bottom and lighter, more frequently used items on top. By using this method of packing your Military backpack, you can easily reach the gear you need most while still maintaining your balance and feeling that your pack is not too heavy.

What equipment can be hung on the outside of the backpack?

If you own a 5.11 tactical pack or assault pack, attach your water bottle, first aid gear, eye and ear protection, holster, and other essentials to the convenient webbing platform.

How much can a Military backpack hold?

Military backpacks can hold up to 60 pounds of equipment, depending on the size and configuration of an individual soldier. The Military backpack weighs about 8 lbs when empty and is estimated to hold about 15 lbs of gear at a time. Soldiers can customize their packs to suit their individual needs by rearranging gear or attaching additional bags. Items soldiers most commonly carry include food, MRE, combat survival kits with tourniquets and bandages, ammunition for various weapons, GPS devices, dust goggles, and earplugs.

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